Which robot is best?

It is a trade school, but what about the mechanical one? 

It is one of the most prestigious in India and is considered to be one of top-five engineering schools. 

Here is a shortlist of the top 10 mechanical schools.


Tata Institute of Technology (IT)  2. 

Delhi Institute of Engineering and Technology (DEET)  3. 

Mahidol University  (MUL)  4. 

Vidyavihar Institute of Industrial Engineering  (VIL)  5. 

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)  6. 

Madras Institute of Technological Research  (MIRT)  7. 

University of Michigan  (UM)  8. 

National Institute of Technical Education (NTTE)  9. 

Kolkata Institute of Medical Sciences  (KIMS)  10. 

Tsinghua University (TU) The list is based on the total number of students enrolled in engineering courses and the number of courses in each engineering department. 

Technological schools like the IT, DEET, MIRT and VIL all enroll more than 1,000 students, and all have their own academic rigour and discipline. 

 The mechanical engineering curriculum includes computer programming, manufacturing, robotics, welding, manufacturing processes, electrical equipment, electronic equipment, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. 

The Indian Institute for Industrial Engineering (IISe) has its own mecha engineering system. 

Indian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) also offers a mechanical engineering curriculum, which focuses on the application of the latest technologies and is designed to help the engineering profession in the country, but it has been a long time since the engineering curriculum was introduced in India. 

According to the government, mechanical engineering students are highly motivated and ambitious. 

“We have introduced a mechanical curriculum in all engineering colleges in the last three years and we have received over 1.2 crore applications from students from India,” Mangalore-based India Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IIME) president Kailash Naidu said. 

While mechanical engineering has been available in the national curriculum for about 15 years, it is not mandatory in engineering degrees. 

This year, the government introduced a mandatory mechanical engineering course for engineering courses in all government-run schools, and the state governments have started taking over the programme. 

For students, the new course, titled Mechanical Engineering and Mechanic Trade School, is a challenge. 

A Mechanical Engineering class starts with two hours of instruction and lasts three hours, which means students have to take two-hour exams in two weeks. 

Students are expected to solve the puzzle that is the trainer. 

There is a total of four types of puzzles in the course. 

In the first two sections, students are expected to solve the mechanical puzzle and solve the mechanical trade question in about two hours, followed by another two-hour exam, and a final two hour exam. 

Then students have three hours to do another two-and-a-half hour exam on the mechanical trade questions. 

During the third section, students must solve the master trader puzzle in two hours. 

After the master, the final one-hour test, they have to solve another two hour exam on the trade question, which is the last exams that are required. 

Each student has to solve an explanation of the technological problem. 

Mechanics is one of the two engineering subject (the other is electrical engineering) that is taught in the Mechanical Engineering course.


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