Which of these women can fix your car’s engine?

Mechanical aptitude tests are widely regarded as one of the best ways to evaluate someone’s mechanical aptitude.

And now, an app designed to track the abilities of a woman as a mechanic has been designed to detect the difference between women and men.

The app, called Mechanical Intelligence, works by analyzing how a woman and a man are related and how they communicate.

It then identifies a pattern that it says indicates whether the woman is female or male.

This data could be used to target ads, and also determine if a woman’s or man’s aptitude matches the stereotypes about female and male mechanical engineers.

The idea is that women may have different aptitudes for mechanical tasks and that this information can be used in marketing and other ways to target them, said Julie Janson, a mechanical engineer at Harvard University.

“I don’t think it’s a sexist thing, but it’s an interesting observation to say that there’s a gender difference in how mechanical engineers are perceived,” Janson said.

The new app also has an option to flag a woman who’s not the right size or build for a particular job.

If that’s the case, the app could also suggest a different mechanic for the same job, or suggest a woman for a specific task.

“You have to ask, what’s the gender of the person that’s not getting the job?” said Janson.

“I think there’s more that goes into that than just being a woman or a man.”

While this is a relatively small set of possible interactions that could be identified and used to reach targeted audiences, it could also be used for gender equity in the workplace, Janson added.

For instance, the software could be applied to gender equity hiring practices and workplace environments.

Janson and her co-founder, Sarah Ehrlich, are working on a tool that could help female engineers identify what gender-specific tasks require more technical skills than the typical male engineer.


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