Watch this cool new toy, the disposable mechanic, that lets you turn your disposable motor into a weapon of destruction

In the 1970s, the idea of disposable motorized gear became a popular toy in America.

It was a fun toy that was fun to play with.

Today, disposable motorizers are a real danger.

And the disposable motorization of a motor is a real threat to the safety of children.

Here’s a look at the new toy that lets kids turn their motor into an explosive weapon.

This is an interesting toy.

It’s a real thing, a real weapon, and it is being developed by a company called Electronic Arts.

It is a toy that, if you want to play it with, you can have a real-life weapon of mass destruction.

Electronic Arts is an online entertainment company that has a lot of cool products.

They also have a whole line of games and apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The new toy is called the “Mech Mechanic.”

This is a robot with a very long handle and a very small motor that turns your disposable machine into a real, real weapon.

It has a very high torque.

It doesn’t really have any of the safety features that you see with other toys.

But, it does have a motor, and you can control it with a remote.

So, you have to actually go to the toys store to buy this toy.

This has all of the features that make a toy a toy.

If you want a real toy that you can actually use as a real weapons, you need to have a gun, right?

So, the toy comes with a barrel, which is a long metal tube that attaches to the handle, and a battery that has to be removed to put it in your hand.

The battery needs to be connected to a power source.

That’s the motor.

It looks like a standard motor.

The toy has three wheels that spin.

There’s a ball on top.

There are a couple of rubber feet.

And a small handle that attaches.

The handle also has a rubber tip.

It also has rubber grips.

It actually has a small spring in the bottom.

There is also a wire coming out of the back that runs through the handle and into the battery.

The wire is connected to this motor.

This motor is really, really powerful.

You can control the power of the motor and the speed at which it spins.

And, it has a handle that has an orange dot on it, which means it can turn a rubber ball around, like a ball.

It turns it into a rubber projectile.

And when it hits a metal object, it explodes, just like a real rocket.

And it can also be controlled with the remote control.

This toy also has three different modes of operation.

You’ll see it in the video that you’re about to watch.

It can be controlled from the remote with the “control” button on the remote.

And you’ll see that it can be operated by the “shoot” button.

And then you can also turn it off.

And that will turn it back on.

And there’s a button that will lock it.

You will not have the toy in your pocket.

This could be very dangerous.

It could also be very useful.

This kind of toy could potentially be used to make a real bomb.

So there’s actually a very large number of ways that this toy could be used, including in a real situation.

But it’s also very, very safe.

It will actually be very hard to find and get.

It comes with instructions and manuals.

You get them in the package.

So you get the instruction manual and you get a toy and it’s really a very nice toy.

And this is a very, really cool toy.

You see it at toy stores all over the country.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this toy is that it’s a little bit big, a little heavier, and not as big as a normal toy.

The second thing you’ll note about this is that the handle has a large rubber foot that’s very nice to hold the toy.

So that could be a real good thing to hold on to when you want the toy to explode, or when you’re in a hurry.

And I think it’s actually pretty safe.

And we can see that we’re actually going to see this in action.

The third thing that’s interesting is that you need a battery to get this toy working.

You need to replace the battery when you replace the motor, but there’s no way to replace it.

And so, that’s a big concern with the toy because it’s very easy to get a battery replacement.

And if it were a real one, you would need to take it apart and put it back together.

But you don’t have to do that with the disposable.

So the problem with the plastic handle is that when you put the handle in, you will feel a lot more pressure


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