How a ‘golf keyboard’ can change the way you play golf

Mechanical keyboards have a long history of changing how people play the game of golf.But what happens when you take a physical keyboard and make it smarter?The first step is to figure out how to make the keyboard think.“Imagine a chessboard, and imagine you have a chess set,” says Steve Williams, an expert in mechanical […]

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How much can a mechanical engineer make in a year?

Mechanical engineers are considered one of the fastest-growing fields in engineering.That means they’re getting paid on average $1.8 million per year.But what’s the average wage for them?We asked the folks at Mechanical Engineers International (MEI) to share their salaries and see how they compare to the median income of engineers in the U.S. What they […]

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When you think ‘motorbike mechanic,’ think ‘auto mechanic’

Automotive mechanics earn more than their counterparts in the private sector, but they still make a lot less than most, according to a new study.That’s because they don’t have enough time to learn new skills, and are often forced to stay at the same jobs.For the study, National Geographic analyzed data from more than 60 […]

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What is car mechanic simulation?

A car mechanic simulates every facet of a car mechanic’s work in real-time.Watch it online and download it at mechanic simulator features:• The ability to make custom cars• Hundreds of vehicles, including luxury vehicles, and vehicles with special features and performance• Customize your vehicle with custom paint jobs and accessories• Build your own custom […]

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Which airline maintenance technicians should you hire for your next job?

Transportation engineers earn $40,000 a year on average, according to a study published by the American Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers.Transportation engineers are the backbone of the FAA and have worked in almost every major air carrier in the country since the 1950s.In recent years, the FAA has been trying to bring down the […]

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