How to write an anti-fascist anthem

A mechanical engineer from a German town who made a living repairing vehicles in a shop has made a song about a Nazi extermination camp that he says could be used to inspire people around the world.

The song, called Die Nachbar, is called Die Fuhrer (the Fuhr-King) and it’s been downloaded more than 3.4 million times since it was posted to the songspotter site Deutschland Radio in September.

“I think the song is a good metaphor for the history of the Holocaust and the horrors that were inflicted on millions of innocent people,” said Alexander Stauf, who runs the factory in Schwerdingen near Munich where he works as a mechanic.

“It also gives us a message for those who might want to participate in the upcoming elections.”

The song was written by the songwriter and engineer from the town of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, known for its factory work.

Stauff says the song was inspired by the death of a Nazi mechanic, Otto Skorzeny, who was shot dead by the Red Army on October 3, 1945.

“There are two camps in Germany,” Staufl said.

“For me, the song gives a warning to those who are thinking of participating in the elections. “

It can be a song that expresses your indignation at the current situation in Germany.” “

For me, the song gives a warning to those who are thinking of participating in the elections.

It can be a song that expresses your indignation at the current situation in Germany.”

A mechanical mechanic makes a mechanical pencil lead in the factory where the songmaker lives.

Source: Deutschlands Radio via Youtube/Drei Vossmanen/REUTERS/File: Markus Staufman, The Local/Corbis/Getty ImagesThe song is meant to evoke the emotions of the people in the camps and to be a message to those looking to vote.

The slogan Die Fuchrer is a reference to the Fuhringer-Fuhrer, the title of the first film in which Hitler is portrayed as a Nazi collaborator.

“Die Fuhrschwerden, Die Fuschrecht” (The Fuhrers are in the camp), the song says.

“Our slogan, DieFuhrschen, is the slogan for the people who are fighting the fascists and the Führers.”

“There is nothing in the song to do with the Nazis, and I think this is something that has already been demonstrated,” Staif told the local newspaper Bild.

“We have seen a lot of people sing this song in protest of the German government’s recent decision to hold a new election.”

The German government has announced it will hold a referendum on whether to hold another referendum on the future of the EU in 2019.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year, several people, including politicians, have been singing the song in support of gun rights.

In March, the band American Dream wrote a song called “We Are Not Afraid,” which was also written by Stauffer.

The band members told the New York Times they were inspired by a song by the American rapper Lil Wayne, who had previously made the same point about gun control in a song.

“If we don’t have a gun, what are we afraid of?”

Lil Wayne sings in the video.

“Just take care of yourself, because you’re not going to die alone.”

“This is a message that’s been going around,” said Staufer, who says he wants to raise awareness of the camps in the hope it will inspire others.

“At the moment, we don.

We have to do something, and if we don, then the German people will be scared.”

Staufin says he hopes his song will encourage people to join him in the protests against the upcoming election.

“But the most important thing is to make a contribution,” he said.


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