A mobile boat mechanic with a history of the UK Navy

In October 2017, I met the British Navy’s first mobile boat engineer.

This is a man who worked for the Royal Navy’s Mobile Boat Squadron and the Mobile Boat Depot, the mobile boat factory in Portsmouth, the former home of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The boat he worked on, the HMS Ebbesham, was a prototype, and it was never put into service.

Now, as I write this, the ship is still in the hands of the Royal British Navy.

It is a fitting end to the story of the Ebbessham, because it will be a very different boat.

I have been researching the history of this ship, and as it turns out, it has a long and colourful past.

The ship, named after a former English officer, was commissioned by King George V in 1810 and used for a number of missions, including a voyage to the East Indies.

The vessel was built in Portsmouth and was named after the famous naval officer who helped to build it.

I first visited Portsmouth in October 2017 when I was a guest of the Portsmouth Maritime Museum, a museum which also displays the ship.

The museum’s collection includes items including the famous “battleship” HMS Eiffel, a sailing ship that was built by the French between 1804 and 1807.

Portsmouth has also been home to a number modern vessels including the HMAS Vickers and HMAS Dornier.

I was pleased to meet the boat builder, Tom Smith, who has worked on numerous mobile boat projects in Portsmouth.

He told me about his involvement in the construction of the HMS Rennie.

This was a small boat built in 1839, and its original purpose was to haul supplies between Portsmouth and Liverpool.

Tom told me that during the Second World War, the boat was used to transport munitions to the German border, and was eventually scrapped.

Tom said that it was not until the 1970s that the vessel was restored, and this was a fantastic story.

I told him that the boat is a reminder of the maritime heritage of Portsmouth.

The boats that are used to haul cargo in Portsmouth today are mostly British built, so they have a history in the city that is much more extensive than the ones built in the early 1900s.

There are a number different kinds of boats in Portsmouth harbour, and the Eiffesham has an excellent history.

The history of HMS Renny dates back to the 18th century, and while it was a humble, slow, and vulnerable boat, it was one of the most successful warships of the war.

HMS Rennais The HMS Rennis was built as a small, light-based warship during the Napoleonic Wars in 1798, and she went on to become one of England’s most successful naval vessels.

It was designed as a light cruiser, which meant it could carry smaller arms, but was equipped with larger warships.

The Rennis carried out numerous missions in the North Sea, and became one of Britain’s most powerful warships.

After the Napolean battles of 1812, and a number other engagements, the British Government decided that the Rennis should be scrapped.

This decision was met with great resistance by the shipbuilders who wanted to retain the boat.

One of the reasons was the fact that the ships size was not large enough to carry much cargo.

They were also not well-suited to carrying heavy ordnance.

The British government decided that instead of scrapping the Rennies, it would build a new ship to carry more heavy loads.

In 1798 the new ship was named HMS Renes, and by the end of the 1810s, the new Rennys were being built for use in the Mediterranean.

The new Renes had a large superstructure, and could carry a number larger ships, and even the largest of ships.

The design of the new HMS Renes was a very efficient, fast, and powerful vessel.

It could carry up to 4,000 tons of cargo and it carried up to 40 guns, with its three guns being able to fire up to 400 rounds per minute.

The guns were capable of being fired at targets that were 1.5 to 3 miles away.

The gun turrets were located on the stern, so it was very difficult to target the ship, as there were many guns that were on the same side of the ship and could be fired simultaneously.

The size of the vessel meant that it could not withstand the pressure of the water.

It took a lot of engineering and planning to get the Renes into service in the first place.

HMS Vickers Vickers was a light-armed cruiser built during the Crimean War in 1821.

In 1843, the Crimean government declared war on Russia and ordered Vickers to join the Crimean Naval Militia.

After an initial test in February 1843 the vessel arrived at Portsmouth, and after repairs, she went into service on 1 May 1843.

After being


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